Salvation Prayer List

Evangelism starts with prayer

You’ve been praying for your loved one, friend, neighbor, co-worker, or acquaintances to put their trust in Jesus. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Will you join in prayer with your fellow Lakeviewers to believe for the salvation of the people listed below?


Pray for:

Submitted by:

Chis & Melanie Abraham L
Anna May Virginia S
Barbara Pam B
Brooke Laurie N
Dawn Joddi-Jay B
Don Robroy
Jaimie Gerard D
Lorna Irene I
Stan Andy I
Stephanie Cassie S
Bob Gerard D
Yani Matthew R
Ann Diana L
Garrett Danielle L
Verna Louise B
Chris & Jenny Kevin L
MW Diana L
S & S Diana L
Adam & Megan Abraham L
Amy & Shelly Abraham L
Karen Abraham L
Iris Abraham L
Josh Joddi-Jay B
Al & Maria Joddi-Jay B
Susan Janet C



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