The E-word

Some Christians are passionate to evangelize and share their faith. For others, the E-word seems like a four-letter word…it shouldn’t be uttered.

But there is no denying that God calls us to tell the world about Him. In fact, we should naturally want to share the greatest gift we’ve ever been given – Jesus.

In this series we learn more about the importance of sharing our faith, and then some practical ways we can do that. 

The E-word – Part 1

Sharing your faith is one of the most important elements of being a fully devoted follower of Christ.

But sometimes that’s easier said than done.

In this series we will look at the reasons many of us don’t share our faith. And then we will look at practical ways we can gain the confidence to share the good news about Jesus.

The E-word – Part 2

So in the process of evangelism, what should we do? And what is God’s part in all of this?

We look at the parable of the farmer spreading seeds to find out.

The E-word – Part 3

How do we transition our surface level conversations toward more substantive topics? How do we invite an acquaintance into a deeper friendship?

Learn practical ways to deepen a relationship, and key questions to ask to get people to open up about their values and worldview.

The E-word – Part 4

Continuing in our series on evangelism we take a look at a tool our church can use to reach our community.

We’ve learned how not everyone is at the same place in their spiritual journey. We’ve learned how to use targeted questions to nudge a conversation toward talking about values, worldview, and possibly a gospel presentation.

But it still may be difficult to get into those conversations. That’s why the Alpha course is such a great tool. You invite, the Alpha course presents the basics of the Christian faith, your guests gets to bring their perspective and questions.

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