Talking Points: The Perfect Blend of Politics & Religion

Your favorite candidate will win or lose based on how our country votes this November. However, the church will win or lose based on our behavior between now and then.

Is it possible for us to disagree politically, and yet still love unconditionally?

We believe it is possible. One of Jesus’ last prayers was for the unity of his church. He expects us to answer his prayer.

Talking Points – Part 1

In the midst of our charged political year, we as the Church have the unprecedented opportunity to show the world that we can disagree politically and yet still love unconditionally.

Jesus prayed for our unity. We are called to be the answer to his prayer.

Talking Points – Part 2

Our political views are shaped by a number of variables: our backgrounds, education, and personal experiences to name a few. It’s easy to feel like our view is the right one, but the person beside you is more precious to God than your political view.

Talking Points – Part 3

The unity and diversity of the early church shocked and intrigued the ancient world. Ours should as well.