Summer in the Psalms

God can handle your real emotions.

He is with us even in in our darkest moments.

We can always praise him.


We begin our Summer in the Psalm series at the beginning Psalm 1.

This Psalm contrasts the righteous and the wicked. How do we become righteous? It’s not by the things we do, but instead by something we love.

Psalm 2 – When God Laughs

Continuing our summer series in the Psalms. We look at Psalms 2 and find out what makes God laugh.

God sees our problems, He sees the world around us and He’s not worried. He is not scared, and neither should we be.

The nations may conspire against God. God laughs because he knows nothing can stop Him from accomplishing His purposes in our world, and in our lives.

Psalms 3 – Surrounded on every side

What do we do when we feel like our enemies or problems are too overwhelming? Psalm chapter 3 gives us insight on how to acknowledge our problems without letting them define us.

Psalm 4 – How to be angry and not sin

Continuing our series in the Psalms, we look at chapter 4 this week. We learn from King David that it’s okay to be angry, but are encouraged not to sin in our anger.


  • Commit to remaining silent about it for a time
  • Reflect on your own heart
  • Ask God for the grace to trust him with your pain.

Psalm 5 – Finding refuge in God. How to find your way back to God.

Deborah Lara shares from Psalm chapter 5 on how we can find our way back to God and find refuge in Him when life throws a curveball our way.

Psalm 6 – What to do when life is overwhelming?

Jason Babcock shares from Psalm chapter 6 on what to do when life is overwhelming.

Psalm 7 – A God of Justice

Is God blind to the injustice of our world? Is he too far away to hear our prayers when accusers surround us?

No! We serve a God of Justice. Psalm 7 shows us just how far God will go to make sure that justice is served.

Psalm 8 – The Almighty God is Involved In Your Life

This week we have a special treat! Joddi-Jay Babcock shares a message from Psalm 8. How majestic is the Lord our God?

He is altogether Transcendent and Immanent. He is ruler above it all, and almighty. And at the same time He actively is involved in this world, sustaining it and continually present.

The Almighty God of the universe is intimately involved in your and my life!

Psalm 9 – Do You Feel Like God Has Forsaken You?

There are times in our lives that we feel like God has forsaken us. What should we do when that happens?

Continuing our series in the Psalms…this week we look at Psalm 9 and learn the 3 things we must do when we feel like God has forsaken us.

Psalm 10 – When God feels far away…

There are times in life when we feel like God is far away from us, such as:

  • When we face great trouble.
  • When we have some great job to do.
  • When we feel our prayers are unanswered.
  • When we have sinned.

So where is God when we feel like he is far from us? And how do we get back into right relationship with him? Psalms 10 gives us some insight.

Psalm 11 – Which voices are you listening to?

When you’re in trouble, or surrounded with problems, which voices you listen to will determine how you get through them.

Do you take refuge in the Lord? Do you know God’s presence is very close? And do you also know that God is all powerful in heaven.

We’ll continue this series next summer!