The days before the end

It seems like ages ago now, but do you remember what it was like to go to work? Now, do you remember what work was like when you were about to leave on vacation?

Your attention was hyper-focused and you were way more productive, or at least much more willing to stay at work longer when there was a deadline fast approaching.

Looking at Scripture, starting on Thursday, events start happening much more quickly. Jesus can even feel the impending deadline coming:

And he said to them, “I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you before I suffer.” (Luke 22:15)

The meal is shared.

The disciples argue over who is the greatest.

Jesus washes their feet.

Jesus commands us to remember him as often as we share in the bread and wine.

Jesus gives his disciple a new commandment of love.

Judas leaves to betray him.

Jesus and the other disciples leave the Upper Room to go to the Garden of Gethsemane to pray.

The last seconds of the game

When we’re watching sports (remember those? they were games played with balls on courts or fields), we often feel that the last few minutes (or seconds) are the ones that win or lose a game.

(Such as the 2015 Super Bowl. Too soon?)

But we only feel that way because the score was so close at the end of the game. In reality it’s all of the points gained or loss throughout the game that add up to the final score.

Jesus had been preparing his whole life for these next few days. In fact it’s the very reason he came to earth.

Every miracle, every sermon, every quiet moment of prayer, and every moment of resisting temptation and doing the Father’s will is what made this moment significant.

We may not have our whole life plan figured out, but each of us can ask every single day, “Jesus, what are you asking me to do today?”

We already know the end of the story. Team Jesus wins!

If we can hear and obey the Father’s voice in the day to day stuff, we’ll recognize his voice when it matters most.