Celebrating Yeshua

Did you know some Jews believe in Jesus as Savior? It’s true!

In fact not far from us Restoration Seattle is a Messianic congregation. It simply means that they believe in Jesus, but choose to practice their faith while observing the Jewishness of our Savior.

The Passover celebration is an important part of Jewish tradition. And many of the elements in the Passover service point to Yeshua (Hebrew word for Jesus). In fact what we know as the Last Supper, was actually Jesus and his disciples participating in a Passover meal.

Tonight (4/8) at sunset marks the beginning of Passover. If you’ve never been a part of a Messianic Passover service, I think you’ll be in for a treat to see how another culture celebrates this week and to pick up on all the clues God was giving the Jewish nation about who the Messiah would be.

Gather the family and enjoy this #CoronaSeder. 🙂


Previously this post included this paragraph on how to prepare for the Passover Seder:

This video below will get your prepared, if you’d like to try to participate fully you can go to this blog post to see what items you’ll need to try to find at the store. (but remember, don’t stress out!)